Climate Change Mitigation Job Advertisement: A Straightforward politician

flood-disaster-fire-weather-seasonal-ecards-someecardsWe all know politics is about successful manipulation. What you say, how you say it, when you say it, but most importantly- how to avoid saying it! The problem is that when your city is melting at +50 or drowning in the latest flash flood it gets a bit difficult to manipulate the situation. But, they will try!

It is now obvious that Climate Change is real, and that in all probability it is caused by human activity. Time is running out on stopping it though. This was the hottest summer this Planet has ever seen, but not one politician actually said it. Luckily we have social media and they said it loud and clear. This was happening on twitter in one of the hottest weeks this summer.

And while this was happening, Obama gave a speech confirming his commitment to take immediate actions to stopping climate change. We all believed his. But than just one month later, USA gives Shell final clearance to begin drilling for oil in the Arctic.

shellIt is still possible that the man is serious about his efforts to stop climate change, he just made a previous commitment to Shell and somehow thinks it’s more important than saving Earth…

Early in May this year the German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president François Hollande have pledged to strive for an end to fossil fuel pollution as part of a “profound transformation” of the global economy this century. Yet, Rhineland area in Germany continues to be one of the biggest producers of coal in Europe. So big, that it took 1500 activists to shut down coal digging for just one day, this August 15th.

As climate change has begun to take lives, people are realizing the severity of the problem and more people are taking extreme actions, which is completely understandable – it’s our lives at stake now.

And the last thing we need is manipulative politicians sweeping things under the rug. What climate change requires is straightforward, no nonsense politicians that will say it as it is! Did a big oil company give you a lot of money for your last election campaign!? Please just say it. Time is running out for this Planet.

treescutkarposhMacedonia now has the most polluted capital in Europe. Air pollution in Skopje got worse as many new buildings and monuments were constructed and trees were cut down. Just this week, a new urban plan for Karposh municipality alarmed locals because it clearly shows parking lots and new buildings will be build on locations that are now green parks. The mayor of Karposh said that no greenery will be destroyed and there is no need to be alarmed. But, then just this morning, at least five old tilia trees with lush leaves were cut down in that same municipality.

In the meantime, the country is witnessing the worst flash floods leaving behind disease and devastation. The high summer temperatures affected crops and many of the forests and green surfaces are now completely dried off.

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As politicians around the world keep claiming they will do everything in their power to tackle climate change, I think we are all better off joining Joda, because if we cannot be straightforward this is where we’ll end up eventually…

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