My 5 reasons to stop Climate Change

I don’t throw away plastic & tins and tend to reuse them to where they can’t be used anymore. Yesterday a friend asked me why do I keep collecting junk when I can afford to buy new!? I said it’s because I love nature too much. She didn’t seem to understand what reusing plastic, paper and tins had to do with nature. The thing is that I honestly believe that in their busy lives most people fail to see this co-relation between actions and events and this is the reason why Climate Change is still such a distant idea. But, I bet everyone in this world has at least 5 things they really love and I bet that all 5 of those are now threatened by Climate Change. Here’s my list.

1. I like Greenery

194Being able to walk on grass, and look at trees and other green things is crucial in my life. Even if it’s only looking at greenery from the window- it soothes me and I need it, and without greenery I’d be a very grumpy lady.

Urbanization is crushing all the green surfaces and replacing them with concrete. Besides the fact that the view of a concrete building doesn’t  have the same soothing ability as greenery, it also cannot absorb CO2 from the air. And while greenery keeps the city cooler- concrete only contributes to a rise in temperatures, locally and globally. Which will eventually change the entire landscape of this Planet and we might never ever see greenery again!

2. The taste of Fresh fruits and Vegetables

DSCF0601Fresh Fruits and Vegetables- juicy and full of flavors and incredible smell and also good for you. Need I say more…Some people get excited by a fancy restaurant dish, I get crazy excited by a big bowl of fresh fruit or salad. I could eat tons.

As the climate is changing, this year we saw some extreme weather. An enormous amount of rain, winds that cut down trees, hail and sleet and just ridiculous difference in temperatures between 3 consecutive days. The outcome- what the hail didn’t ruin, the sleet sure froze, and the rain caused the fruits and vegetables to rot.

3. Give me Sunshine


Sun can be a source of fuel for many things, but it’s also a fuel for my happiness. Nothing can compare to lying on the grass enjoying the warm sun rays.

But instead of lukewarm sunlight, we’ve had some pretty crazy weather lately. Instead of sun, it was heavy rain and storms all summer season and when there was sun, it’s actually burning through your skin. Yes, this is the effect of Climate Change.

4. To Walk, to Hike, to Bike

108I am not a sports person, not really, but I do enjoy myself in the outdoors. So I use my feet and bike as a means of transport and the views, sounds and smells while hiking on the mountains- well that’s purely for my soul.

Again, the extreme weather conditions this year left me with just a couple of weeks suitable for any of those activities. Turns out you really can’t bike in the middle of a storm, I’ve tried. And in those days when I can use my bike or walk, the enjoyment is cut short by the terrible horrible polluted air in the city. Imagine me on my bike enjoying, then I take one deep breath and end up coughing and choking on god knows what.

Hiking on the Mountain and enjoying nature is now impossible as heavy machinery and new building have occupied it, but why should I care since with no trees and mountains, the climate will only get worse and crazier anyways.

5. The Sea is my universal medicine   

008Nothing and no one can take me out of a warm salty sea, just drop me in and leave me there :). The weightless feeling is so cool, and the sea water makes my skin fabulous.

Unfortunately now the seas are becoming more and more acidic, which means that marine life will suffer and since it’s all one complex ecosystem, no one knows what will happen to the sea. And I don’t know about you, but it’s not summer if there’s no day/s at the beach…


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