Slowing down as a solution to Climate Change!?

066Global Warming has become more than obvious, and a UN report from 2013 stated that there is a 95% chance that it’s caused by human activities. Random or not, climate change really showed it’s ugly face these last couple of years, in a time when the race for money is ruthless, and working hours unlimited. Environmental activists and researchers now both agree that Climate Change can be stopped- if we all slowed down.

I’m talking about a way of life called “Slow Living” that Beth Meredith and Eric Storm in their book titled “Slow Living – Learning to Savor and Fully Engage with Life“, define as: “structuring your life around meaning and fulfillment”. The whole idea is supported by many environmental activists and great thinkers of our time that say we all need a “less is more” approach to life, downsize on space, objects and needs and base them to a minimum. Words that any real environmental activist or nature lover would agree upon, live by and often say to others.

These so called ideas are backed by other related research that clearly tells us we must learn to save our natural resources, to waste less and reuse more, before we are faced with a new rise in Global Temperatures. And according to a recent paper on planetary boundaries by Johan Rockstrom of the Stockholm Environment University- we have already depleted the world’s natural resources.


Supporters of the idea for “Slow Living” say that it means a complete change of human values and habits, both individual and of the whole society. In 2013 David Rosnick from the Center for economic and policy research in Washington published a paper titled “Reduced work hours as a means of slowing Climate Change”. In this paper he explains that by lowering the amount of working hours we also lower the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which means slowing down Climate Change.

Natalie Bennett, the leader of the Green Party of England and Wales recently spoke at the Green Academy in Vis, Croatia organized by Heirich Boll Stiftung. She said:

natalibenet @elenanikolovska“People are built to work 2- 3 hours a day as they did in the time when we were hunters and gatherers. If we reduce working hours, people will have more time to care about the environment and the Planet. People with more free time volunteer for higher causes. But what people need to realize is that in the end, this means giving up stuff we find valuable.”


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